Pineapple, Turquoise, Yellowside, and Cinnamon.

Prices starting at $150.

Hand fed babies 

MORE BABIES Hatching NOW, get on the waiting list!

Highred pineapples (picture taken on 1/26/12) ALL SOLD. 

YES my turquoise line carries for High Red, picture below of a baby produced out of my turq lines (hr ys to a ysturquoise) so this baby is split turquoise. It is not for sale, belongs to Jean and Eric. 

Scalloped Wing Beauty (picture below) Aria will be paired with Gorgeous YS Turquoise (white flight feathers) male beginning of 2013.  Aria is also split turquoise, so very anxious to see their babies! 

Picture of what I believe to be a pied baby gcc (below). Will know more, when it is old enough to breed and if throws more pied babies! 2 totally white feathers on each wing, the baby is a turquoiseyellowside...

PineappleTurquoise that has yellow feathers on rump. Sibling to the 2 YST white flight feather gcc in lower 2 pictures.  

 Another YST baby born with white flight feathers and white feathers on the rump too. Hatch date: 3/28/12. Sibling to above turquoisepineapple.

This YST baby also has white rump feathers too. 

 Yellowside Turquoise Green Cheek
 Yellowside Green Cheek

HIGH RED Pineapple Green Cheeks!!! these babies will be SUPER SUPER RED.  Deposits being accepted NOW. dna's will be available for $30. each. lst deposit gets lst pick, 2nd deposit gets 2nd pick, 3rd deposit gets 3rd pick, etc. IF you looking for a certain gender, now is the time to place your deposit...These babies will go fast...Picture below of baby from previous clutch from this same pair!

New Clutch!!!!!!! PENDING

Waiting list started for next clutch!!!!!!

EXTREME solid red front high red pineapples $500. each                               MALE TurquoisePineapple $500. each 

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