Green, dark green, Turquoise, Cobalt, Lutino, Creamino, Mauve, Olive. Dilutes are HERE!

Your linnie will have a life span of about 15 yrs, so investing in a more rare color variety doesn't really cost that much more, when averaging the cost over 15 yrs and you will have a linnie that is different from most others!

Prices starting at $150.

Hand fed babies 

 MORE BABIES Hatching!                         violet cobalt $500. each


"Confetti" Will be staying here! red-eye pied dilute! 

YellowHeadFeathers green/turq linnie. She is one of my breeders. I do have a grandson of hers for sale at this time. He also has a couple of yellow head feathers, PIED gene?  

Babies linnies that are available as of 5/10/12. 

DiLuTe OLIVE/turq & DiLuTe COBALT "not for sale"

 Dilute Olive Linnie "Past Baby" AKA "THE GOLDEN LINNIE"

DiLuTe Lutino/t surgically sexed MALE linnie "staying here"  Dilute Creamino OR Dilute Lutino babies are $500. each

"Past Cobalt baby linnie" 

"Past baby"---- "SF Dilute Turquoise - male" he is a dad now! 

green- dk green-turquoise-cobalt-mauve-olive-lutino-creamino & DiLuTeS :

dark green/turq      -       turquoise      

Cobalt & Lutino (parents) these babies will be for sale when weaned. Deposits will be accepted when I pull for hand-feeding and I know their colors.   

Olive linnies are the darkest of the green series and have golden highlights.

Mauve linnies are the darkest of the turq/blue series.

Lutino is the green series of INO. Creamino is the turq/blue series of INO.

The best pairings are green split turq/blue TO visual turq/blue linnies.

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